The key to designing the perfect custom suit is paying attention to all of the small details. From the lining on the inside of your jacket to the final edge stitches, we offer limitless design options allowing you to create the custom suit you’ve always wanted. Whether you’ve been inspired by colleagues or a carefully curated Instagram feed, we can replicate and refine any of your favourite styles to bring your vision to life.

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When you’re investing in a custom-made suit, you should be able to select quality fabrics. Our selection of over 500 premium fabric choices means that we can offer a look for every personality. Our carefully selected fabric range is 100% Australian Merino Wool, wool mark accredited, and ranges from super 100s to super 150s. Whether you want a bold check suit for an event, a textured houndstooth suit for work or a classic look for your wedding, we have the perfect fabric to suit.


Made to measure is one of the most personalised shopping experiences a man can have. Here at YSG, we believe it’s something that every man should experience in his lifetime. The fun and relaxed YSG made to measure experience will not only leave you with a perfectly fitting suit, but you’ll also learn about the unique process of suit fitting and how to select and style pieces that work for you. We invite every man to experience the style and sophistication that YSG Tailors can bring to their wedding, business attire or formal event.



We want you to help you create the suit you’ve always wanted to wear, whether it’s a classic pinstriped double breast or a minimalist black suit with a waistcoat. You have the freedom to add and customise the elements that will make this suit truly yours, including the pockets, lapels and cuffs. All our trimmings are of the highest quality and are the perfect finishing touches to our premium fabrics. If you’re new to the made to measure world, we’ll guide you through each of the design elements that will take your suit game to the next level.



The suit jacket is one of the most complex tailored garments out there. It contains several components that you may not have considered before when purchasing your suits. Each aspect of a suit’s design affects how it looks on you. Let’s explore the anatomy of a suit along with some of the important terminology that you might hear our tailors use in your fitting.


Even better than the experience of designing your suit is seeing it all come to life. Not only will we ensure that your custom suit fits to perfection, but we’ll also educate you on how best to wear and style it. With a range of accessories also available in our showroom, we can help you to source everything you need to compliment your suit including shoes, shirts, ties and cufflinks.