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Blue Tailored Men Suits

Custom Blue Suits

Add a timeless piece to your wardrobe with a custom blue suit. Whether you’re looking for a new tailored suit for the office, a formal event, or your wedding day, a custom blue suit is a solid choice. At YSG Tailors, our team will help you craft an impeccably styled, expertly tailored suit, that’s comfortable, and importantly, made just for you. 

Why choose a custom blue suit?

Blue is a versatile hue, able to be styled with a range of different colours. The range of blues out there – navy blue, baby blue, powder blue, electric blue – means you’ll be able to craft a custom blue suit that complements your look and style. A blue tailored suit can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Feel comfortable wearing your blue suit to a wedding and the office.

Book a consultation with one of our expert YSG tailors today, to explore how we can create an expertly tailored custom blue suit for you. 


How to style your blue tailored suit

Once you’ve decided on the fit and cut of your custom blue suit, it’s time to turn your mind to accessories. Blue is a versatile colour, meaning your custom blue suit can be styled with a range of colours and accessories.


If you’ve chosen a darker blue for your suit, try a burgundy tie for a sharp contrast (particularly effective with a white shirt!). A bold pattern is also a great choice for a more casual look with your blue suit – think floral or paisley designs.


White is always a timeless option when paired with any shade of blue – and it can easily be dressed up or down. If you’ve gone for a lighter shade in your tailored suit, why not try a navy button-down shirt, to create a monochromatic look.


Your choice of shoe depends on where you’re wearing your blue tailored suit. For more casual events, try a lighter shade of brown that complements blue – this adds an edge to your overall look. Black shoes work well with dark blue tailored suits and add a more formal edge, while loafers or sneakers (in a complementing shade!) are perfect for more casual events.

Custom Blue Suits Expertly Crafted for the Perfect Fit

Interested in a custom suit? Whether it’s a custom white suit, a formal, casual or more modern fit, the team at YSG is ready to bring your vision to life. Book a consultation with us today to learn more about how we make our suits: the fitting process, the design process and all the customisations available.