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Custom Business Suits

Well-dressed people are perceived as more credible, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. At YSG Tailors, we use high-quality fabrics and create a superior fit to craft your signature look. 

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Choosing a Custom Tailored Business Suit

A well-chosen business suit isn't just clothing; it's an armour of confidence, projecting professionalism and competence. Crafting a business suit is easy if you find the right person for the job. YSG Tailors creates its pieces with the finest materials made from traditional and modern methods that focus on comfort and style. Consider these things when booking a consultation about our made-to-measure business suits:

Know Your Fit

Fit is paramount. A tailored suit should hug your frame without constricting, allowing for effortless movement and exuding an air of polished refinement. 

High-Quality Fabric

Wool's natural breathability makes it ideal for navigating hectic schedules. In warmer climates, consider lighter options like linen or cotton blends.

Suitable Colour Choice

Your made-to-measure suits can be crafted to have different colours that fit your style. For timeless elegance, navy, charcoal, and black are your allies. Grey offers a touch of modern sophistication, while brown exudes earthy warmth.  

The Versatile Two-Piece

A two-piece suit offers a sleek silhouette ideal for dynamic schedules, it allows for more effortless movement and adapts effortlessly to different temperatures. This is your go-to for client meetings, conferences, or business lunches.

The Formal Three-Piece

A three-piece suit adds a waistcoat to the mix, instantly elevating the look to exude an air of authority. Perfect for formal occasions, board meetings, or high-stakes presentations, it commands attention and projects an image of unwavering confidence. 

Are Tailored Business Suits the Same as Traditional Suits?

They have many similarities. Both can be worn during formal occasions. They also have variations for two-piece and three-piece suits. The only difference is that business suits are tailored for work, while traditional suits are more versatile and can be worn to events such as weddings, birthdays, and other formal events. Business suits can also be worn to these events, depending on the occasion.


Beyond Business

Well-tailored business suits can be worn on different occasions, as custom wedding suits or brought to a black tie event. For example, a cream suit with a black shirt can be worn to weddings, awards ceremonies, art openings, and even dates. It can also be used as a wedding suit for a groom. YSG Tailors' made-to-measure options allow you to personalise your style to work for different occasions.

Walk with confidence in one of our business suits.

Corporate life comes down to confidence. Expertly made using the finest materials such as cotton, linen, cashmere and silk, our business suits offer unrivalled elegance and comfort, perfect for all your important meetings, client lunches and day-to-day affairs.

Rest assured that the designs at YSG Tailors tick all the right boxes for a truly impressive ensemble. Our trademark looks include the Mcintyre, Mccabe, Bhhagiar, Rtizer, Faldo, Leishman, King, Kelly, Couples, Birch and Arthur.

Be sure to explore our business collection, white suits, black tie suits and royal blue suits.

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